The volunteers of the Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) represent a wide swath of the community who are interested in and dedicated to the Mission of the Colorado Symphony and its long term health and sustainability. It includes individuals who are fully employed in various fields, those who have retired and students of all ages. Volunteers work anywhere from one or two events per year to 20+ hours per month. 


• Provide volunteers with meaningful assignments and effective training and supervision
• Treat volunteers as equal co-workers
• Volunteers experience full involvement and participation
• Establish and maintain a respectful relationship between paid and volunteer staff
• Volunteers adhere to same standards as paid staff


• To perform my volunteer duties to the best of my ability
• To hold as absolutely confidential all information about the Colorado Symphony Association, its employees, volunteers and donors and not to use such information for my private use
• To adhere to Volunteer Program rules and procedures
• To meet my commitments or provide adequate notice so that alternate arrangements can be made


Volunteers volunteer a minimum of 12 hours a month and agree to a minimum 6 month commitment (unless assignment is a specific project with a shorter term). This commitment strengthens staff support of the program and allows the volunteer to become knowledgeable about his or her duties. Following the 6 months, you may continue in your position or ask for a transfer to another position. If you are not achieving your goals as a volunteer, please advise the Volunteer Coordinator. Should your personal schedule change and you need to change your hours, advise the Volunteer Coordinator.


You will have the opportunity to earn reduced price tickets to concerts. Reduced price parking will be made available at the garage when you are working in the office or Boettcher Concert Hall (some blackout periods are in effect). We encourage public transportation (light rail station is across the street from the CSA administrative office and Boettcher Concert Hall).


Attendance and punctuality are an essential part of volunteering. You are an important part of the team and meeting expectations depends on everyone being in the right place at the right time.
• Vacations/absences: Notify your supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator of planned absences
• Last minute absences due to illness or emergencies: Notify the Volunteer Coordinator.


• Name badges will be provided and should be worn at all times when on duty
• Acceptable attire will be addressed by your supervisor and may vary depending on the nature of your duties.


Volunteers should approach any assignment ready to learn from those who provide training. Volunteers will train in their respective areas with a department staff member or with another volunteer. As a volunteer, you are an important representative of the Colorado Symphony Association. Your courteous manner should extend to staff, fellow volunteers, donors and patrons.


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