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The Music Never Stopped

How innovation, determination, and the power of music drove the Colorado Symphony’s pandemic success story 

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Adversity is as revealing as it is inevitable. While unpredictable, overwhelming, disruptive, and chaotic, it nonetheless has the power to illuminate a wellspring of resolve previously obscured or unknown to us altogether. The world has spent much of the last year and a half grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 health pandemic, causing disruption on a previously unimaginable scale; isolating people from their families, friends, and loved ones; and irrevocably altering the lives of countless millions. Despite these difficult circumstances, the Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) refused to go dark, fold, or cease music making even as the pandemic surged around it. As the Colorado Symphony begins its first indoor concert season in 18 months, take a look back at the how the organization persevered despite seemingly insurmountable odds and join us in looking forward to a triumphant return replete with incredible performances, educational programming, and exhilarating collaborations.

Colorado Symphony Brings Spanish Language Music Program to Denver Area Preschools

Canta y Baila Conmigo expands CSA’s community and educational outreach through enhanced early childhood education

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Music has the power to bring people together, inspire, and unite the human spirit. The Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) believes that symphonic music must be available to everyone and that communities thrive when music is accessible to all. As part of this mission, the Colorado Symphony announced in January an exciting new addition to its educational programing in partnership with Canta y Baila Conmigo® (CyBC). The CSA’s Education department was awarded a Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund grant to pilot the CyBC program in 10 bilingual classrooms within the Adams 14 School District. 

Pandemic Strengthens Partnership Between Colorado Symphony and DYAO

Colorado Symphony musicians provide virtual and in-person mentorship for DYAO students during COVID-19 pandemic

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado Symphony musicians have provided invaluable mentorship and instruction wherever and whenever possible, engaging with DYAO students virtually and in person when it was safe to do so in an effort to provide continued education during a time of great uncertainty. For the musicians of the Colorado Symphony, mentoring DYAO students has always been a meaningful experience, but perhaps never more so than during this past year, lacking the joy and comfort so often experienced during live performances at Boettcher Concert Hall. As the organizations look ahead to more exciting collaborations in the coming years, the future of symphonic music has never looked brighter. 

Virtual Youth Concert Expands Music Education Efforts With Themes Of Unity, Diversity, And Social Justice

Colorado Symphony debuts Lift Every Voice Virtual Youth Concerts featuring collaborations with Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, Fiesta Colorado Dance, Frankie Le’Troy, Omar Thomas, and Javier Flores

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In light of the challenges faced by so many during the COVID-19 health pandemic, the Colorado Symphony is thrilled to share a spirited, thought provoking, and moving virtual concert with students and families across Colorado. The 2020/21 education curriculum was developed around the theme of "Lift Every Voice", delivering a message of unity, social justice, and creative self-expression through an inclusive virtual concert experience featuring uplifting repertoire from a diverse array of composers and artistic performers. This youth concert and curriculum meets the moment of our pandemic reality and is an invaluable entry point for classrooms across Colorado to hear world-class symphonic music, celebrate our common human spirit, and receive a message of unity and creative self-expression. 

Virtual Concert Experience Brings Comfort To Colorado Cancer Patients

Rendever Virtual Reality Takes UCHealth Patient Center Stage at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony

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The comfort of music has never been more vital than during the isolation brought on by COVID-19. For those that are immunocompromised, the danger of COVID-19 remains ever prevalent, especially for those patients currently receiving treatment for diseases such as cancer. In an effort to meet the needs of the moment, UCHealth and the Colorado Symphony approached Rendever, a virtual reality company that has partnered with UCHealth to help staff manage stress and provide comfort to patients, about expanding its virtual reality catalog. The three organizations brainstormed the idea of bringing an immersive live concert experience to patients undergoing cancer treatment during COVID-19.  


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