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Colorado Symphony must remain in a renovated and repurposed Boettcher Concert Hall

The Colorado Symphony is the only full-time professional orchestra in over a one-thousand-mile radius and one of the best in the country.

The Colorado Symphony is an enormous economic asset to the City of Denver and the State of Colorado, generating millions in revenue each year.

Boettcher Concert Hall was built over 35 years ago as the home of the orchestra.

Through a voter-approved bond initiative, the City of Denver provided less than half of the original $13 million required to build Boettcher Concert Hall. The balance came from symphony supporters.

In the intervening years, the Colorado Symphony has paid the City of Denver millions of dollars in rent and seat tax, almost none of which has been invested in maintaining Boettcher Concert Hall.

Boettcher Concert Hall needs renovation, not demolition. It’s an iconic venue one of the very few in-the-round symphony halls in the world. It should be upgraded, preserved and repurposed.

In 2007, the citizens of Denver voted $60 million for the renovation and preservation of Boettcher Concert Hall. All but $16 million was directed by the City of Denver away from Boettcher Concert Hall to other projects.

The original $60 million would have been more than enough to preserve and upgrade Boettcher Concert Hall.

Other tenants of the Denver Performing Arts Complex do not support moving the Colorado Symphony into the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, nor do they support demolishing Boettcher Concert Hall.

The Ellie Caulkins Opera House wasn't built as a symphony hall. It was purposed specifically for Opera Colorado and the Colorado Ballet.

A great city needs a full-time symphony orchestra  and a full-time symphony orchestra needs a symphony hall.

The Colorado Symphony supports the economic and cultural life of Denver. The city and community must support the Colorado Symphony.

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