Father and Son on the Same Page – and the Same Stage

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“Let's not use that dreadful term crossover,” Jeffrey Kahane declares. And the former music director of the Colorado Symphony is right the novelty of classical musicians crossing over into pop music is so yesterday. There are no boundaries anymore.

Heart Warming Gratitude and Pictures from Parents

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The Colorado Symphony loves getting to hear from the patrons and families that come and enjoy the concerts and activities here in Boettcher Concert Hall. Two recent thank you notes following the Pixar in Concert program really warmed our hearts so we wanted to share them. 

VIDEO BLOG: Romeo & Juliet

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Narrated by Marc Shulgold, discover several various musical treatments inspired by the beloved tragedy Romeo & Juliet including music by Tchaikovsky and from the 1957 movie West Side Story.

VIDEO BLOG: Shakespeare's Words

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Narrated by Marc Shulgold, learn about how conductor Duain Wolfe created this program (with thousands of pieces to choose from), focusing in particular on Shakespeare's words and how they are set to music.