Haiti Youth Orchestra

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Your Colorado Symphony is dedicated to strengthening community through music. This summer, Musician Teaching Artists will teach and perform not only throughout the Denver metro area but also for the first time ever in Haiti. For the past two years we have helped support the Orchestra St. Pierre, a high school youth orchestra in Mirebalais, by collecting instruments and supplies. These were then delivered by Denver native Zach Harris of Road to HopeHaiti who started the orchestra 4 years ago when he was just 14 years old. Zach, who has two adopted Haitian siblings, wanted to make a difference in the lives of Haitian youth. He knew that Colorado Symphony musicians could help the youth orchestra continue to thrive.

The Old World Meets the New

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Classical concerts can now embrace the world, happily crossing over geographic and cultural boundaries with ease, serving up the familiar alongside the daringly new. Just check out this week's concerts by the Colorado Symphony in Boettcher Concert Hall, to see how different musical styles and generations can co-exist with exciting results.