Opening night at SC’s Whitney Center for the Arts

Sheridan Press

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Tomorrow, the Colorado Symphony with soprano Sarah Brailey of New York will be in concert at the new Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College. It is a spectacular facility and the 422 tickets have been gobbled up or are highly sought.

EDITORIAL: Don’t close the greatest show ever in Colorado — Yes on 4B

Aurora Sentinel

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The district now collects upward of $50 million a year and has allowed Denver’s botanic gardens, zoo, art museum, science and history museum and performing arts complex to rival others across the nation. Not only that, but this inspiring tax has also saved what is now the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and it’s made all of the phenomenal regional dance and theater possible. 

Warren Haynes Gives Jerry Garcia's Tiger Guitar an Encore Turn

Guitar Aficionado

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As Haynes and his band, aided tonight by the Colorado Symphony, break into their set opener, the 1968 classic “Dark Star,” a cheer erupts from the thousands of Rocky Mountain Deadheads in attendance. This initial loud welcome is quickly followed by another, and possibly even louder, ovation, as the crowd acknowledges the instrument strapped across Haynes’ torso. It’s a guitar so mythologized in Grateful Dead lore that it’s known by just a one-word name: Tiger.

15th season of the Englewood Arts

The Villager

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Englewood Arts’ celebrates its 15th season of presenting chamber music performances performed by Colorado’s finest musicians, primarily from the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. Informal insights are given from the stage by the musicians.