The Dallas Morning News features the Colorado Symphony's digital "Ode to Joy"

The Dallas Morning News

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The Dallas Morning News featured the Colorado Symphony's digital "Ode to Joy", writing, “Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony is a true hymn to humanity, expressing universal ideals of brotherhood, peace and freedom for all. This crisis has made it all the more important to hold dear to these values.” — Colorado Symphony Concertmaster Yumi Hwang-Williams, on a video of the musicians playing Ode to Joy, each from his or her own home. (Monday, YouTube)

‘We’re committed to making sure people have some joy:’ Colorado Symphony releases virtual performance


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The musicians that make up the Colorado Symphony can’t perform live. They, like most people in Colorado, are staying home to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. Without the ability to entertain people at the Boettcher Concert Hall, the symphony came up with a creative way to perform.

“We thought, what could we do to show the community that the music is going to continue,” said Anthony Pierce, Chief Artistic Officer. “We’re committed to being back. We’re committed to making sure people have some joy to experience also. So, we thought, what better than Beethoven 9, the Ode to Joy.”


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