Brett Mitchell Society Breakfast At Dazzle

Music Director Brett Mitchell joined with conductors Chris Dragon and Bertie Baigent for a wide ranging discussion on life, music, and more.

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On December 9, 2018, members of the Brett Mitchell Society gathered at Denver’s historic Dazzle Jazz Club for an intimate and wide ranging discussion with Music Director Brett Mitchell, Associate Conductor Christopher Dragon, and Assistant Conductor Bertie Baigent.

Colorado Symphony Guild – 83 Years Strong

The Colorado Symphony celebrates the support and contributions of the Colorado Symphony Guild

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Explore the storied history between the Colorado Symphony and the Colorado Symphony Guild – a relationship that stretches back to the very birth of the ensemble now known as the Colorado Symphony.

Finding Strength Through Music

Colorado Symphony brings comfort to dialysis patients as part of DaVita 'Day of Music'

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Featuring pop-up concerts at 26 DaVita Dialysis centers throughout Colorado, the Day of Music brought 40 musicians and 18 hours of symphonic music to over 500 patients undergoing treatment for kidney disease as well as 200 DaVita employees at the clinics.

Striking A Chord

The Colorado Symphony creates a lasting impact through music education

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The Colorado Symphony promotes social development in the community by enhancing music appreciation and providing unforgettable entertainment. But the most meaningful impact comes from connecting with the next generation of musicians who will become the artists, educators, and music enthusiasts of tomorrow.

From Haiti to Denver

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Three students from the Haiti Youth Orchestra spent a week in Denver that included the opportunity to work with members of the Colorado Symphony and perform at Boettcher Concert Hall.