FAQs About the Symphony


Here are some frequently asked questions about symphony concerts, intended to help make your visit to the Colorado Symphony fun and memorable. If you don’t see the answer to your question feel free to contact Rob Warner, Colorado Symphony Concierge at concierge@coloradosymphony.org or call 303.534.0759. No question is too silly or strange!

What should I wear to a Colorado Symphony concert? 

Contrary to what many people think, formal attire like tuxedos and evening gowns are not required. They aren't even the norm! Most concertgoers wear business or cocktail attire, but you'll see everything from jeans and t-shirts to suit and tie. The name of the game is comfort. First and foremost we want you to enjoy the music.

What if I am late?

For the comfort and enjoyment of our musicians and patrons, late seating is at the discretion of the House Manager and takes place during pauses in the program. The ushers will let you know when you may enter the hall. They may seat you in an area other than your ticketed seat so as to not disturb other patrons, and you may take your ticketed seat during intermission.

What is your cell phone/photo/video policy?​

We ask that you please silence your cell phones and refrain from talking or texting on them during performances. Flash photography is prohibited at all times. We ask that you please refrain from taking any photos or video during all Masterworks concerts. During Pops concerts you may take pictures without a flash and may record short videos. Please be courteous to your fellow concert-goers and be aware that if at any time your cell phone/camera use becomes a distraction to others, an usher may ask you to stop.

When should I clap?

During the performance, there is a short, silent pause between each movement of a piece. You can determine how many movements there are in a piece, and how many silent pauses there will be, by looking at your program - the movements in each piece will be listed there. Applause is usually reserved for the end of the final movement of the piece, after the conductor has signaled the end of the final note with his or her baton or hand. Holding applause between movements is considered respectful of the performers' concentration and mindful of musical continuity.

Can I bring food or drinks into the concert? 

You are welcome to bring drinks purchased at one of the bars into all concerts. Food is not allowed in the Hall. Please be courteous to your fellow concert-goers while consuming your beverages so as not to disrupt the concert.

For a complete list of items not allowed inside Boettcher Concert Hall, please visit the artscomplex.com website here.  

Can I bring the kids? 

Kids of all ages will enjoy our Family series, education concerts, and many of our Pops, Holiday and summer concerts. All children require a ticket regardless of age, and child tickets are $10.  Masterworks concerts tend to be between 2 and 3 hours. Please consider this when deciding whether or not to bring your child. If your child is disturbing other patrons, an usher may ask you to take your child into the lobby.

How long is a typical concert?

Program length varies, but a typical performance lasts about two hours, including one 20 minute intermission. Most Inside the Score and Family concerts are about 90 minutes long, with no intermission.

Can I buy a gift certificate to the Colorado Symphony?

Yes! Give the gift of live music! Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount.  and you have the option of having a gift card enclosed with a special message. For information, please contact the Box Office at 303.623.7876

Purchase Gift Certificate

What is a subscription? 

The Symphony offers a variety of different subscription packages ranging from a 6 voucher flex pass to a 16 concert package. With a Custom Design package, you can choose either 8 or 16 concerts from any series. Or you can pick a pre-selected set of concerts such as the Pops Series, Family Series, or a Masterworks Series. Subscribers receive many benefits including free ticket exchanges, reduced ticket prices, exclusive pre-sales and more. Please call the Box Office to discuss what kind of package will fit your music tastes and budget.

I have seen Colorado Symphony tickets for sale on other websites.  Where is the best place to purchase tickets?

Coloradosymphony.org is the official online source for purchasing tickets to Colorado Symphony performances at Boettcher Concert Hall. There are occasional discount offers through Groupon, LivingSocial and other online re-sellers. If you are purchasing tickets online and you do not see tickets.coloradosymphony.org listed in your web browser's address bar when viewing the performance schedule and purchasing tickets, please close your browser and visit Coloradosymphony.org.

Why do you charge service fees?

The Colorado Symphony is dedicated to providing our patrons with the best possible experience. With this in mind, all of our ticketing is managed by our own in-house box office. The service fees charged help us offset many costs, including wages for our Patron Services staff, processing and/or mailing your tickets, maintaining and improving our online ticketing software, maintaining and improving our website, and the costs associated with e-commerce transactions. When you purchase your tickets in person at our Box Office inside Boettcher Concert Hall, we waive all single ticket service fees.

What if I've lost my tickets?

If you have lost or misplaced your tickets to a concert, please contact the Box Office. The Patron Services Team will reprint your tickets and hold them at will call to be picked up prior to the concert.

What if I’m unable to attend my performance?

Subscribers may exchange tickets free of charge – one of the many subscriber benefits! Single ticket holders may exchange for an additional fee. You may exchange tickets in person or by phone for another performance within the same season. There is an additional cost if seating upgrades apply, and all exchange requests are subject to availability. You may also donate your tickets back to the Colorado Symphony and receive a donation receipt.

How can I find out if a concert is cancelled due to inclement weather?

We rarely cancel a concert due to inclement weather but when this occurs we will send a direct email notification to all ticket holders. Updates, cancellations or changes will be posted on coloradosymphony.org and on the event listing for the concert.

My organization is having a fundraiser. Will you donate tickets?

The Colorado Symphony is pleased to consider requests for ticket donations to other non-profit organizations for their fundraisers. Due to our large volume of requests, we will only accept donation requests via email. And while we would like to grant all donation requests, we are simply unable to fulfill them all. We will only contact you if your request is granted. Donations will be sent out 4-6 weeks prior to your event.

Please submit the name of your organization, date of your event, contact information and a copy of your 501c3 to concierge@coloradosymphony.org.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, groups of ten or more received discounted tickets (some restrictions apply) and personal assistance with your purchase and ticket distribution. For more information visit the Group Sales page.  To purchase group tickets, please contact Molly Epstein, Group Sales Manager, at 303.619.6196 (mepstein@coloradosymphony.org) gi

Can I wear a costume to one of your Geek Series concerts?

YES, we love when our patrons dress up, but please follow the guidelines put in place by the City of Denver, who operates Boettcher Concert Hall.  Patrons are allowed to wear costumes that comply with the following stipulations:

- ​NO real, simulated, or perceived weapons will be permitted. Security personnel reserve the final decision authority on what is considered a weapon.
- NO realistic military, police, fireman, or security costumes will be permitted. Security personnel reserve the final decision authority on what is considered realistic.
- NO items that could be transferred onto the seats or other patrons clothing, i.e. excessive fake blood, make-up, or face paint, glitter, etc.
- NO items that would obstruct another patron’s view and sightline to the stage.
- NO bulky costumes or costume items that would obstruct the aisles.
- Costumed patrons consent to searches of their person, which may include pat downs.

Items identified on or under costumes that could pose a potential security or safety concern must be stored away from Boettcher Hall; these items will NOT be permitted to be checked into the coat check. Security personnel reserve the final decision authority on what is considered a security or safety concern.

All patrons must consent to a visual search of bags, purses, or backpacks. No such item larger than 24” wide and/or 24” tall and/or 12” thick will be allowed in the house of the theatre. These items will be allowed to be checked into the coat check.  All patrons are encouraged to arrive early to this performance to accommodate these additional security measures to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

How can I learn more about the Colorado Symphony? 

Enhance your concert experience by joining us for our pre-concert preludes and post-concert talk backs. Preludes are insightful discussions before each Masterworks concert   hosted by musicians, guest conductors, guest artists, staff and community members. No need for an additional ticket, they are already included with your Masterworks ticket purchase. Talk backs are informal Q&A sessions following certain Masterworks and Inside the Score concerts. They are hosted by musicians, guest conductors and guest artists. You can also follow us on Facebook, InstagramTumblr and Twitter, watch videos on YouTube, or sign up to receive our eNotes newsletter. eNotes is the Colorado Symphony weekly newsletter which gives you first access at what's going on at the Symphony including featured events and special discounts and promotions.


What is your Privacy Policy and Security Information?

We respect your privacy. If you purchase tickets, we may share your information with like-minded institutions in the Denver area. If at any time you would like to be removed from our mailing list, please contact us at tickets@coloradosymphony.org. For our complete privacy policy, visit our site here.  Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which is the industry standard and among the best software available today for secure commerce transactions. It encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet

Dynamic Pricing at the Colorado Symphony

You may have noticed that for some of our concerts, pricing fluctuates as we get closer to performance dates. Tickets to most of our performances start at a standard rate in price levels ranging from $29.00 to $89.00. Prices fluctuate up or down based on market needs and demands with consideration to offers and discounts present in the marketplace. This is called dynamic pricing, and it is a common practice in several industries such as hospitality, travel, entertainment, and retail. Each industry takes a slightly different approach to dynamic pricing, and, as a business, we are no exception. Dynamic pricing does more than allow us to match ticket price with demand, though. We are dedicated to offering discounted tickets for students, teachers, children, military personnel, staff, and corporate sponsors on almost every performance. Dynamic pricing allows us to offer these discounted prices, but must be monitored and sometimes adjusted to maintain our needed revenue goals. Please note that advertised prices do not include applicable service fees or taxes. Subscribers to our performance season receive the best prices and early access to added events. We invite you to become a subscriber and to sign up for eNotes, our email newsletter, to receive first access to events and to get the best possible pricing. We understand dynamic pricing can be confusing, and encourage you to learn more about this practice with these articles: 

Source 1 – Standard Practices Example

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Source 3 – Ticket Resale

The Colorado Symphony performs over 100 times each season in Colorado. As a not-for-profit organization, we aim to offer as many opportunities as possible for all patrons to attend our performances at an affordable rate, including offering free tickets to area community partners as part of our Community Ticketing Initiative. Not all performances qualify for these discounts or promotions, and we reserve the right to discontinue them at any time based on supply and demand. Some performances are more popular than others and as a business we are not an exception to these standard practices within our industry. We apologize for any frustration a patron may encounter within our standard practices, but we will endeavor to remedy any issues you might have to the best of our ability. Please contact tickets@coloradosymphony.org with questions.