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The Colorado Symphony Association (CSA) is an iconic cultural treasure within Colorado’s performing arts community. We are the only resident, full-time, professional orchestra in the state and serve as a linchpin of the cultural performing arts infrastructure of Colorado. Today, just as Denver and Colorado continue to flourish, so too does the Symphony, by consistently performing on par with America's elite orchestras and engaging world-class musicians like Leslie Odom, Jr., Cynthia Erivo, and Itzhak Perlman.

The Colorado Symphony is supported by an $88 million endowment fund owned and managed by the Colorado Symphony Fund, a separate charity. The Fund recently announced the successful completion of a multi-year campaign to increase the endowment to its current level.

Continued investment into the endowment and annual fund remains a priority to maintain financial stability and continued curation of live symphonic music experiences, concerts, and collaborations while pioneering how modern orchestras can reinforce relevancy and produce offerings that are inclusive, and accessible.

When you invest in the Colorado Symphony, you are investing in the future of music in Colorado — from a world-class orchestra to future musicians as young as 3 years old. To learn more about how to join our family of donors and secure the legacy of live symphonic music for generations to come, please email giving@coloradosymphony.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

An endowment fund is a pool of assets set aside for the benefit of a supported organization. Typically, a portion of the earnings on the endowment fund assets is distributed annually to the supported organization. The undistributed earnings are retained to protect the long-term purchasing power of the fund.

Yes. Many symphony orchestras are supported by endowment funds. On average, U.S. symphony orchestras rely on endowment fund distributions and other investment income for roughly 17 percent of their operating budgets.1 For example, the Kansas City Orchestra has a $100 million endowment on which it relies for approximately 25% of its operating budget.2

1 Source: League of American Orchestras, Orchestra Facts: 2006-2014, p. 10.
2 Source: Historic 5-Year Campaign | News | Kansas City Symphony (kcsymphony.org).

Yes. The Colorado Symphony is supported by an endowment fund owned and managed by a separate charity — The Colorado Symphony Fund. In 2016, the Colorado Symphony and the Colorado Symphony Fund launched a campaign to increase its endowment assets to at least $50 million. Recently The Colorado Symphony Fund announced the successful completion of that effort. The Colorado Symphony Fund now holds and manages approximately $88 million as of September 1, 2021.

The Colorado Symphony Association is grateful to its named and anonymous donors. We honor the wishes of anonymity for any donor who wishes to remain so. Anonymous gifts from donors are common in the nonprofit realm and the Colorado Symphony Association has received many anonymous gifts throughout its history and will continue to respect the privacy requests of any donor wishing to remain anonymous.

A complete list of donors who’ve contributed to the endowment may be found HERE.

The Colorado Symphony expects to receive annual distributions from the Fund of approximately four million dollars commencing July 1, 2022. These distributions will support about 25% of the Colorado Symphony’s projected operating budget. We expect that as the Colorado Symphony grows, the Fund distributions will approximate 20% of the symphony’s operating budget—consistent with national averages.

Absolutely not. Symphony orchestras typically rely on annual fund giving for approximately 40% of their operating budgets. At current levels, the Colorado Symphony’s annual fund giving is expected to account for only about 24% of the symphony’s annual budget.3 Growing annual contributed income (both through the annual fund campaign and through events such as the annual gala) is a critical need for the Colorado Symphony.

Yes, hundreds of donors have made gifts to the Colorado Symphony Fund endowment over the years, and they will continue to do so because they understand the critical importance of increasing the amount the endowment can distribute annually to the Colorado Symphony. To learn more about endowment giving opportunities, please email giving@coloradosymphony.org.

Contact us at: giving@coloradosymphony.org


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