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Heart Warming Gratitude and Pictures from Parents

March 22, 2016

Heart Warming Gratitude and Pictures from Parents

The Colorado Symphony loves getting to hear from the patrons and families that come and enjoy the concerts and activities here in Boettcher Concert Hall. Two recent thank you notes following the Pixar in Concert program really warmed our hearts so we wanted to share them. 

First this heartwarming “weekend news” note from Kris and her son Nick:

“Last weekend my husband and I took our 5-year-old son to Boettcher for “Pixar in Concert.” He has been to the symphony on a couple other occasions (including the recent Star Wars concert), but this one stuck with him! He really enjoyed playing the cello before the concert. 

As we were walking back to the car after the concert he asked us whose idea it was to go.  After we told him it was Mom and Dad’s idea he said, “Thanks, Mom and Dad!  I had a lot of fun!” He even asked if there was another symphony the next morning and was disappointed to hear that we were only going to church that day.

I thought that was the end of it, but he came home with his usual week’s worth of work and attached is the proof of how much he loved it! Thank you for making the symphony so accessible for children and families. This music educator/mom thinks you are doing a fabulous job!”

Then we got this beautiful letter and pictures from Michelle and her girls:

“Dear Mr. Dragon and Colorado Symphony Orchestra musicians:

On January 16th, my mom and I brought my three daughters (ages four, six and eight) to the Pixar concert. They absolutely adored it and were completely enthralled with the whole event. It was such a joy to see them take part in the petting zoo of instruments and to watch the musicians so intently, trying to figure out which ones were making such amazing sounds.

My four-year-old is particularly fascinated with classical music, to the point where for her 4th birthday, she asked for a specially made classical music mix that included the “Da da da DA” song and “Hallelujah chorus,” as she calls them. She will frequently talk about the names of composers she knows, sometimes mixing in Obama before she corrects herself that he is the president and not a composer. She is also the only four-year-old I know who frequently talks about King George II being the one who started the tradition of standing for the Hallelujah Chorus. At the end of the concert, she really wanted to come meet Mr. Christopher Dragon and give him a big hug for doing such a great job. Instead, she did come down and meet a few guitarists who very graciously talked to her.