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Colorado Symphony and MCC Connect Through Music

October 12, 2019

Colorado Symphony and MCC Connect Through Music

Can a nearly hundred year old cultural institution that predominantly exists to further western civilization’s great music accomplishments learn new tricks?


As a foundational cornerstone of this community, the Colorado Symphony believes strongly in collaborating with other Denver Arts organizations to provide programming that impacts a wider and more diverse range of patrons than ever before. 

One such collaboration involves the Mexican Cultural Center. Established in April 1992, the Mexican Cultural Center (MCC) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the Mexican Culture in the State of Colorado. Dedicated to conveying the richness of Mexican culture through arts and education, the MCC works in collaboration with other institutions in the State and beyond to enhance the effectiveness of its programs and have a greater impact within the community.

“The alliance between the Mexican Cultural Center and the Colorado Symphony is very unique and special. As we’ve worked together and supported each other, our ultimate goal has always been to showcase local and international talent while demystifying different cultures through the beauty of music.”

Ana Valles, Executive Director for the Mexican Cultural Center

Two years ago, the existing relationship in programming collaboration took a sharp turn. From a celebration of El Grito (celebrating Mexican Independence Day) to shifting to a more international LatinX focus, the Colorado Symphony and the Mexican Cultural Center have collaborated on annual audience favorite community concerts such as Latin Beats: Sonido de las Americas — a fusion of traditional, classical, and contemporary music — and México en el Corazón — an interactive performance that brings authentic Mexican culture, song, dance, and folklore to the stage at Boettcher Concert Hall. 

The last year has seen the addition of all new events including a Garibaldi Plaza celebration in the Denver Performing Arts Complex Galleria prior to the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Para la Familia concert at Boettcher Concert Hall on May 5. And on October 12 and 13, the two organizations partnered to present the Music of Selena — a celebration of trailblazing artist Selena Quintanilla.

“For over 10 years we have partnered for different concerts, from Mariachi music to Latin Rock, and from classical to contemporary,” added Valles. “Every concert brings a special aspect from a culture and plants a seed within all of us to be curious to learn something about music. Our collaboration opens so many doors and includes a diverse array of people that we couldn’t be more grateful to be part of.”

As part of these performances, the Colorado Symphony has collaborated with local artists on unique musical charts, ensuring that the music isn’t being programmed for the community, it’s being programmed with the community. 

“We’re honored to have had a long standing relationship with the Mexican Cultural Center — a collaboration that has produced some of our most memorable productions to date. We’re constantly striving to appeal to a wider audience, year after year. With Colorado supporting a large and thriving Hispanic community, it’s more imperative than ever that the Colorado Symphony find ways to connect through music.”

Anthony Pierce, Chief Artistic Officer for the Colorado Symphony

The Colorado Symphony and the Mexican Cultural Center will continue to foster an incredible partnership into the future through ever-expanding programming and communications that speak to the LatinX community and all of Colorado by pushing the boundaries of what symphonic music can be.