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Famous Beethoven Pieces Played at the Colorado Symphony

September 1, 2022

Famous Beethoven Pieces Played at the Colorado Symphony

Ludwig van Beethoven, often described as one of the most admired composers in history, composed masterpieces that audiences of all ages enjoy yearly. Born in Germany, he wrote his first composition at age 12. Though he was deaf by age 40 and suffered from mental and physical illnesses, he blessed the world with some of the most popular and beautiful pieces ever composed. 

Beethoven’s masterpieces include concertos and symphonies performed by the Colorado Symphony. Experience a variety of Beethoven each season at Boettcher Concert Hall.


Beethoven Symphony No. 5

If Symphony No. 5 sounds unfamiliar to you, the minute you hear the famous da da da dum, that kicks it off, you at once feel like you are in familiar territory. Beethoven created this magical symphony to take you on a journey that seems to be personalized just for you. Hear this famous symphony as it kicks off our 2023/24 Season!

Beethoven Symphony No. 6

In Symphony No. 6, known as “Pastoral,” Beethoven weaves his love for the countryside and all it contains into an upbeat, happy soundtrack. In this work you will feel the combined brilliance of the composer with an outdoorsy beauty that somehow feels right at home in Colorado.

Beethoven Symphony No. 7

Above all other symphonies, Beethoven infused No. 7 with an energetic, intense rhythm. Dubbed by Wagner as the “apotheosis of dance,” the racing and whirling motion, most find it exciting and powerful. Because of its iconic Allegretto, it ranks at the top of the list of Beethoven’s most famous works.

Beethoven Symphony No. 8

Beethoven affectionately referred to his Eighth Symphony as “my little Symphony in F.” Though it is his shortest work, it may also be his most joyous. Some believe that it is more imaginative than Beethoven’s other works, with a oking and light-hearted nature. 


Beethoven “Emperor” Concerto

While a symphony is scored for a full orchestra to perform, a concerto is written for one particular solo instrument, often backed by a full orchestra. Beethoven’s Fifth Piano Concerto – nicknamed the “Emperor” Concerto –features a brilliant opening and a powerful and glorious finale. Pianists love this concerto because of the strength of the piece and the ability to showcase their performance. Many consider Beethoven’s “Emperor” Concerto one of his most famous pieces.

Beethoven Violin Concerto

Beethoven’s violin concerto was introduced in 1806. Some find it surprising that with all of the compositions that Beethoven created, this is the only piece written for a violin. The Violin Concerto in D is relatively calm and serene as opposed to his more intense symphonies. Though it failed miserably in its premiere performance, the beautiful melody has continued to make Beethoven’s violin concerto one of the most popular and beloved violin concertos ever.


Beethoven was one of the most celebrated composers of all time. His symphonies and concertos not only paved the way for other composers and musicians, but his works also live on, as popular now as they were centuries ago when they were first composed. 

The Colorado Symphony offers many opportunities to celebrate Beethoven and get lost in his music. Don’t miss out! Our events page or subscription packages are designed to inform you about these special shows so you never miss a performance!

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