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Manager of Pets and Attention

  • Unofficial Colorado Symphony mascot
  • Particular fondness for carrots

Meet Jude (he/him), the friendly and sweet-natured Golden Retriever who has become an adored mascot and the unofficial “Manager of Pets and Attention” for the Colorado Symphony. At four years old, Jude has already made a significant impact on the lives of musicians, staff, and patrons with his warm and affectionate presence. Known for his radiant golden coat and wagging tail, Jude’s love for people is evident in every interaction. Whether it’s a friendly greeting to newcomers or a comforting nuzzle to someone in need, Jude’s ability to spread joy and ease tension makes him a beloved figure within the symphony community.

Jude has a particular fondness for carrots, which he enjoys as a crunchy treat. His playful side comes to life during games of fetch, where his agility and enthusiasm shine. His antics often bring laughter and smiles, providing a delightful break for everyone at the symphony. Beyond his playful nature, Jude serves a vital role in bringing comfort and companionship to the Colorado Symphony’s musicians and patrons. His calming presence has become a source of solace and happiness, making him a cherished part of the team.

From his role as the symphony’s mascot to his daily contributions of joy and comfort, Jude exemplifies the heartwarming bond between humans and their canine companions. His dedication to his “job” and his love for everyone he meets make him a truly special and unforgettable dog.