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Types of Classical Concerts

September 1, 2022

Types of Classical Concerts

Even though classical music is a genre on its own, there are several types of classical concerts. The type of concert performance is typically determined by several factors, including the instruments, the style, or even the number of performers. Concerts can range from large-scale performances such as those performed by a symphony to smaller types such as chamber orchestra concerts. The different types of music can range from classical to contemporary and be fully instrumental to those containing vocals, such as opera. Check out what sort of performances we hold when you purchase your next Colorado Symphony tickets.

Eight Different Types Of Classical Concerts

For hundreds of years, classical music has been enjoyed by music lovers everywhere. Though the traditional pieces remain the same, classical concert performances now offer a variety of stage presentations, styles and vocal performances. 

Choral Music Concert

A choral music concert is performed by a group of singers or a choir. This concert could put anywhere from three to hundreds of singers on stage, with every single voice holding equal importance to the performance. The choirs are composed of any mixture of singer types, commonly women’s, men’s, children’s, and mixed choirs.

Did you know that the Colorado Symphony has its own renowned chorus that performs regularly with the orchestra? Learn more about this talented group of musicians, and hear them live with the Colorado Symphony at Boettcher Concert Hall.

Chamber Concerts

Chamber concerts are usually smaller and more personal performances. Personal expression and conversation are the main focus and are usually played at smaller venues. Chamber concerts usually feature a minimal number of musicians, and because of their smaller, more intimate nature, chamber music has been nicknamed “the music of friends”. Chamber concerts usually do not feature soloists but rather rely on blending the chosen instruments, primarily string, woodwind, and brass.

Chamber Orchestra Concerts

Chamber orchestra concerts are larger than chamber concerts but still much smaller than symphony orchestra concerts. Generally, you will have around fifty musicians, all playing together, and usually perform in large rooms rather than full-sized concert halls. You may find additional types of instruments than you would in the smaller chamber concert, but listeners may still enjoy a certain amount of intimacy in the performance.

Children’s Concert

Many of us are familiar with children’s concerts. It is where beginning instrumentalists perform for their friends and family as they advance their skills. Usually performed at churches, schools, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and family functions. The pieces performed are usually easier and shorter than normal classical performances.

Opera Concert

Opera concerts are a theatrical form of performing arts that combine staging, dancing, and singing with the beautiful collaboration of an orchestra or small ensemble. Opera can be enjoyed worldwide and is universally loved by elegant audiences throughout.

Recitals Concert

One or two musicians or a soloist usually give recitals with an accompanist. You may think of a piano recital where one pianist performed or the same with a violin recital.

Symphony Orchestra Concert

Symphony orchestra concerts are full-sized orchestras of around 80 musicians or more who perform in a larger concert venue. Also called symphony concerts, these are made up of brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion and may be heard with choral groups or soloists. Symphony orchestras are globally popular and provide entertainment for patrons of all ages. The Colorado Symphony is Denver’s premier symphony orchestra, providing performances throughout the year in one of the only circular concert halls in the country. Events are scheduled throughout the year to fit every musical taste, budget, and schedule.

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