Colorado Symphony Staff

Leadership Team 

Coreen Miller, Interim CEO, Chief Financial Officer, & Chief Operating Officer
Anthony Pierce, Chief Artistic Officer 


Shannon Fraser, Administrative Assistant & Office Manager


Izabel Zambrzycki, Artistic General Manager
David Aeling, Production Stage Manager
Aric Christensen, Audio Engineer
Dante Dunlap, Properties Master
Kimberly Egan, Recording Engineer
Jonathan Groszew, Director of Orchestra Personnel
Kelsey Hawkins, Artistic Coordinator
Philip Hiester, Master Electrician
Sam Jaehnig, Head Carpenter
Dustin Knock, Manager of Artistic Operations
Mike Pappas, New Media Center
Hitomi Sipher, Assistant Librarian
Julie Strom, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
Lyle Wong, Orchestra Librarian

Conductors & Chorus Direction

Christopher Dragon, Resident Conductor
Duain Wolfe, Chorus Director,
   Colorado Symphony Chorus
Eric Israelson, Chorus Manager
Mary Louise Burke, Associate Conductor,
   Colorado Symphony Chorus
Taylor Martin, Assistant Conductor,
   Colorado Symphony Chorus
Barbara Porter, Assistant Chorus Manager


Casey Bryan, Grants Manager
Adriel Long, Institutional Relations & Stewardship Manager
   303.308.2464 |
Jesse Martinez, Director of Community Support & Education
David Rosen, Development Services & Support Manager
   303.308.2469 |


Jesse Martinez, Director of Community Support & Education
Breanna McCaughey, Education Coordinator


Ben Boone, Senior Manager of Finance
Annette Brown, Staff Accountant
David Murphy, Payroll & Benefits Manager

Marketing & Communications

Stephanie Derybowski, Director of Web Experience
Nick Dobreff, Communications and Creative Director
Kayla Hayes, Director of Digital Marketing and Promotions

Sales & Patron Services 

Mac McGuire, Director of Sales & Patron Services
Johanna Jeter, Manager of Sales & Patron Services
Joy Xiaodan, Associate Manager of Sales & Patron Services
Tanner Buffy, Lead Sales and Patron Services Associate
Sofia Malin, Lead Sales & Patron Services Associate
Gina Bliss, Patron Services Associate
Jeremy Cuebas, Patron Services Associate
Rosa Gasdia, Patron Services Associate
Danielle Iacovetto, Patron Services Associate
Emelie Kronquist, Patron Services Associate
Holly Sidney, Patron Services Associate
Molly Epstein, Group Sales Associate

Guild Officers

Sue Pawlik, President
Elizabeth Leslie, President Elect
Donna Connolly, Corresponding Secretary
Patty Goward, Assistant Treasurer
Ruth Guy and Pat Martin, Co-Recording Secretaries
Nancy Lawrence, Vice President of Fundraising
Monica Owen, CSG Shop Buyer
Linda Rickard Ackerman, Vice-President of Music Education
Pat Riegel, Vice-President of Membership
Kathy Swanson, Manager, CSG Shop
Susan Thomas, Vice President of Information Management
Janet Weisheit, Treasurer

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